Aya Itakura
Aya Itakura
Aya Itakura

Aya’s journey through the yoga way of life began in Tokyo in 2001. While at high school she was involved in competitive rowing and over training for this sport left her with damage to her legs and left hip. She turned to yoga to assist in the rehabilitation process and following the success of her rehabilitation she continued to practice various forms of yoga. Aya has practiced various body work methods including Yoga, Pilates, Honenavi, Core Condition, and subsequently started teaching in 2006.

Aya also has taken the role as an interpreter for expert and renowned yoga for more than 25 teacher training courses and retreats around the world. These teachers include Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, David Sirgany, Jennie Cohen, Myra Lewin, and Jean Campbell. Due to this involvement in various styles of yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyenger, Power, Classical, Yin, Therapeutic, Pranayama, and Meditation), Aya has gained a broad view of yoga while deepening her personal interest in anatomy to guide safe, effective and interesting asana sessions.

Experiences in Teacher Training Courses

Aya’s teaching method is to break down each asana into individual components. This allows the each student to gain a deeper understanding of their own body limitations, requirements and needs. Aya takes a simple and step-by-step therapeutic approach to the teaching of hatha yoga. Aya’s goal is to offer to everyday people with modern busy lifestyles an environment that allows for a personalised yoga experience tailored to each individual’s particular requirements.

3 STEPS YOGA: Release⇒Activate⇒Balance

3 STEPS YOGA is for an everyday person with a busy lifestyle!

Instead of jumping into asana practice after your usual busy work schedule and daily activities Aya will guide you through a process of effective release of your physical, mental, and emotional tensions. A carefully designed (warm-up) sequence customised to your needs will be used to activate the particular muscles required for goal posture(s) to improve and correct your posture and movement. Aya’s simple step-by-step approach guides you to release some overused muscles which hold excess tensions and awaken some body parts which have been unconscious.

After practicing her well-balanced asana, your body and mind will ready for your new days!!